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Getting in to the right college

College Admissions is the heart of what we do at College Prep Tutors and our methods have paid off for students and parents.  We have helped hundreds of students get into their 1st choice school and saved parents millions of dollars collectively in the eighteen years we have been providing this service.

We have codified our approach in a process we call:  "I Got In! the 4-step Method to Getting into Your 1st Choice College"  Students are guided step by step through 4-step process:

  • Step One: How to choose your 1st choice colleges wisely to ensure admissions success, including the "maximize your safeties - leverage your reaches" strategy and 7 other college selection strategies.

  • Step Two: How to build allies in the college admissions office, including The Who? What? Where? and When? of sending emails to your 1st choice college admissions office, among 7 other strategies for forging relationships with admissions officers and how and when to cash-in on those connections. Step Two also includes a comprehensive marketing strategy with a passion project as the focal point.  

  • Step Three: How to write a winning essay that has the two essential qualities of an "I Got In!" essay:  authenticity and likability; How to use the show/tell method to create the perfect narrative, and the Myths vs. Facts of the college admissions essays, among other strategies, including the 5 types of engaging narratives and examples of each type.

  • Step Four: How to complete a winning application, including the "no stone unturned" method to leveraging EVERY opportunity available to sell yourself via the application, how to create a digital presence even if you currently do not have one, and 8 other strategies that will ensure that you do not drop the ball on this last and very important step in the process to getting into your 1st choice colleges.

  • Plus One: How to not only save tens of thousands of dollars in college costs, but also receive a tenfold ROI on your College Prep Tutors investment.  Dr. Donna will guide you through cost savings methods for completing the FAFSA and moving investments to minimize your family's EFC (Expected Family Contribution) in order to maximize your total financial aid in the SAR (Student Aid Report).  For high net worth clients, Dr. Donna will apply her "merit plus method" to ensure your child does not miss out on the merit scholarship opportunities they deserve!


Dr. Donna's guides you through the best practices that have helped 100s of students get into their first choice colleges with ease and confidence.

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College Prep Tutors, "Creators of The I Got In! Masterclass - a 4-Step Method to Getting Into Your 1st Choice College with Substantial Scholarship"

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