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Scam Alert

College Prep Tutors has been the victim of identify theft; someone using our name is phone soliciting families and pressure selling a software SAT prep package.  We at College Prep Tutors/Academic Enrichment Productions, LLC are very disheartened that these individuals are scamming good people out of money in the name of College Prep Tutors.  Please know that Academic Enrichment Productions LLC dba College Prep Tutors is in NO WAY RELATED to these individuals, and we have never sold a software package.  We provide individualized tutoring services in person and virtually to private clients since 2005. 

If you believe that you have been the victim of this scam, please read the Better Business Bureau's statement below, and contact your credit card company immediately to report that you have been defrauded of your money. You are also encouraged to call us directly to speak to the owner: Dr. Donna Risolo.  203-241-6689. 

We ask that if you do contact the Better Business Bureau, please DO NOT report College Prep Tutors as the perpetrator of this scam. WE are their victims also.  We are working with the Better Business Bureau and the authorities to make the public aware of this scam.  

Better Business Bureau Statement 

It was reported to BBB serving CT that numerous people have been contacted via phone by individuals claiming to represent College Prep Tutors, offering ACT and SAT Prep software, supplies and textbooks. The individual (who calls himself "Brad Murphy," but may go by other names) requests a $250 deposit to be returned in 30 days. Consumers do not receive the products and all attempts to obtain a refund are unsuccessful.

These offers do not come from Academic Enrichment Productions LLC DBA College Prep Tutors (, but from imposters acting with malicious intent to defraud college-bound students and their parents.

Academic Enrichment Productions LLC DBA College Prep Tutors ( does not solicit by phone and has never sold or promoted software products. College Prep Tutors offers in person and virtual college admissions consulting and tutoring services.

BBB strongly advises consumers who have been contacted by this individual (Brad Murphy) to report it to BBB’s Scam Tracker and use the designation “College Prep Tutors - Impostor.”

If you have shared your credit card or banking information, contact your bank immediately to dispute the charge.

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