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Student Taking Notes During Virtual Tutoring Session

An Investment in Your Child's Future

College Prep Tutors prides itself on offering exemplary services that have resulted in 100s of acceptance into 1st choice schools and millions of dollars in scholarships at a competitive price point that provides twice the services our competitors provide.  

Parents, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the excitement when the acceptances and scholarship offers come pouring in!

Our Numbers:

The average CPT parent spends $12,500 on college admissions services!

The average CPT student receives $68,000 in merit scholarships and free money! 


What does this mean for you?

An incredible ROI on your initial CPT investment, putting tens of thousands of dollars back into YOUR pocket. 

 “My wife and I were very pleased with the services that Donna provided to all five of our children. We didn’t have to do a thing. It was all taken care of by Donna!   My final savings in college tuition was close to $300,000, a ten-fold savings based on our initial investment. I highly recommend College Prep Tutors.”  

- Michael, Parent of 5 CPT Clients

College Admissions Coaching Session

Start with a Parent Discovery Consultation

Click Here to schedule a complimentary discovery call with Dr. Donna


The 4 Step Method College Admissions Package for Juniors and Seniors:

The Four Step Method includes: 

  • Conducting the college research and the selection of your 3/3/3

  • Writing an exceptional admissions essay

  • Relationship building with college admissions counselors

  • Creating your college admissions marketing strategy

  • Identifying your Passion Project

  • Completing ALL college applications (both the Common App and individual college applications)

  • Completing the supplemental applications and ALL additional essays

  • How to receive merit scholarship offer regardless of family income.  Click here for a full description of our Four Step Method.


The SAT and ACT Prep Package

Yes, BOTH Tests! Receive test preparation in all aspects of the SAT and ACT exam with a 200 point guarantee increase*. 

Click here to learn more about our test prepping methods.


The Bundle Package

Bundle packages 1 and 2 together for an amazing discount:  College Admissions Consulting AND Test Prepping in both the SAT and ACT!

* Ask Dr. Donna about the test prep guarantee


The Freshman & Sophomore Premium Package 


The Premium Package offers the following:


Course Selection Strategy Session the previous year (for 9th graders, this occurs early spring of the 8th grade year)


CPT also offers our premium clients the following services:  tutoring support in all subject areas; on-going or periodic homework help for an additional fee.   

Monthly Check-In Sessions:

  • Early Sept: Course Syllabus Review; Goal Setting for Q1

  • Oct: Clubs, Activities & Sports

  • Nov: Report Card Review; Goal Setting for Q2

  • Dec: Midterms are Coming: How to Prepare

  • Jan: Revisiting Extracurricular Interests; Researching Summer Programs and Activities

  • February: Report Card Review: Goal Setting for Q3/Check in on Applications for Summer Program

  • March: Applications due for Summer Programs; Course Selection for Next Year

  • April: Report Card Review: Goal Setting for Q4

  • May:  Finals are Coming; How to End Strong

  • June: Reflection on the year; Goal Setting for Next Year

Weekly Tutoring Session

College Prep Tutors, "Creators of The I Got In! Masterclass - a 4-Step Method to Getting Into Your 1st Choice College with Substantial Scholarship"

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