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Student in College Prep Course


Expert test preparation in the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, ISEEs, and more.

We take a strategic approach to test taking that works for ANY student regardless of academic achievement level or previous scores.  

In a College Prep Tutors test prep workshop, students will receive the following:

  • Strategies: Learn over 20 different strategies for mastering each section of the exam to drive up that score.

  • Time Management Techniques: We teach you how to manage your time through our "work smarter, not harder" methods

  • ​Confidence Coaching:  Test-taking anxiety will be eliminated through our Mind over Matter coaching

In our 30 session package, we coach you through the entire comprehensive CPT test-prepping cycle, preparing you for both the SAT and ACT so you have the maximum opportunity to achieve the score you need.  Ask Dr. Donna about our Guarantee.


We also offer 10 and  20 session test-prepping packages in either the SAT or the ACT.

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Individualized Tutoring Session
College Student Study Group

College Prep Tutors, "Creators of The I Got In! Masterclass - a 4-Step Method to Getting Into Your 1st Choice College with Substantial Scholarship"

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