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The Importance of College Test Preparation

You've drawn up a list of dream colleges. That's great! And you've been perfecting your admission essays and focusing on extracurricular activities, paying little attention to SAT or ACT. After all, you've written many papers and aced many tests and exams.

Maybe you feel there's no point spending all that money enrolling in an SAT workshop and taking college test preps. That's fine.

But standardized tests are a different ball game entirely, and test prep can make all the difference when it comes to getting into your choice college.

Here are some of the importance of college test preparation.

#1. You know the universities likely to accept you

One of the most crucial aspects of preparing for college is selecting the schools you want to attend. Some of the factors you'd consider to build this list include your personal preference and your chances of admission. 

For some colleges, test scores are a huge factor in deciding who they accept. However, minimum score requirements vary from school to school. While some colleges readily take low SAT or ACT scores, others won't offer you admission if your test score isn't in the 90th percentile.

With college test preparation, you can track your performance and gauge what your test scores would be, helping you shortlist schools more likely to accept you.

#2. Good test scores go a long way in admission

While a perfect test score isn't a guarantee of admission into your favorite college, you also don't want to have a low score, as that would most likely kill your chances of acceptance.

The truth is, test scores are one of the top three deciding factors for admissions. Compared to reference letters and admission letters, admission officers find it easier to quantify and be convinced by a great test score that you're an excellent fit for the course and the school, even if your other admission materials are so so.

#3. It helps you prepare for college

Another importance of college test preparation is that it helps you get prepared for college. Anything you learn just before college will be directly influential toward academic excellence in college. And nothing pulls everything you've learned together like college test preparation.

You'll have the opportunity to improve on your math skills, sharpen your reading skills, and finetune your essay writing, giving you a solid foundation to excel brilliantly in college.

#4. More than just content

If you're aiming to ace your test, then you'll need to extend your focus beyond content. Focusing solely on your knowledge of the content will get you nothing but low scores. In standardized tests, learning the how is as important as studying the content of the different sections.

You also need to learn time management techniques, pacing tips, elimination strategy, and others critical to building confidence and getting a perfect score in SAT or ACT. With college test preparation, you'll be exposed to all of these strategies and more.

Here at College Prep Tutors, we excel at helping students reach and exceed their target test goal through teaching winning strategies, confidence coaching, and personalized tutoring. No matter your academic level or previous scores, you can get into your first-choice college. Register now to begin!

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