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So you’ve submitted all of your applications, now what?

Updated: Jan 16

By this time in the academic school year, most seniors have submitted all of their early action applications, and most of their regular decision applications. Naturally, you might think, “there’s nothing more for me to do, but sit here and wait”

Actually, if you follow my blog regularly or you are one of my private clients, you already know the importance of having an admissions officer ally (click here to read my previous blog on this very topic).  And you don’t just have one, you have an ally, hopefully, at every college to which you applied.

So don’t just sit there! Now would be a golden opportunity to reach out to each of them, yet again, to let them know that you have just submitted your application and you look forward to attending XYZ university come fall of 2024!

As I advise in my private practice, you need to find or create opportunities to reach back out to your network of allies in a meaningful manner as often as possible if you want to get into your first choice schools.

By utilizing your network of allies, you are taking a proactive approach to your college admissions journey, which will yield better results than if you just sit back passively, waiting for colleges to accept or deny you.

Submitting the applications is not the end of the road. There’s still ample time to keep building relationships with the admissions offices of the colleges you wish to attend. And even after you receive your acceptances or waitlists, you will continue to utilize your network of allies for scholarship negotiation or to turn a “maybe” into an “yes!"

Mark your calendar for March 2nd!  Dr. Donna is offering live and in person The College Admissions Bootcamp for sophomores and juniors in Westport, CT.  In this ultra informative workshop, Dr. Donna takes you through her 4 Step Method that has helped hundreds of students get into their 1st choice college.

Keynote Address will be delivered by Dan Woog, prolific author, local youth advocate and writer of the popular 06880 Blog: Where Westport Meets the World.   

Click image below for details and registration information for the March 2 Bootcamp

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Dr. Donna Risolo is the owner and principal tutor of College Prep Tutors, a boutique College Admissions firm serving students since 2005.  Dr. Donna has helped hundreds of teenagers get into their first choice college and many with substantial scholarship awards regardless of parent income. She earned her doctorate degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in NYC. When not engaged in her passion project of helping teens realize their full potential, Dr. Donna also works as an educational consultant, guiding public and independent schools in best educational practices, admissions and fundraising, strategic and school improvement planning, mission, purpose, and vision, parent and stakeholder engagement, and organizational culture building.

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