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Why Test Scores are Important for College Admissions

"Do test scores still matter for college admission?" If you're planning on attending college, you or your parents have probably asked this question.

While many colleges are catching the no-need-for-test-scores fever, ACT and SAT scores are still a huge factor in admission decisions.

Here are some reasons why test scores remain important for college admissions.

#1. Required for admission

Yes, the wave of test scores' optionality for college admission is spreading like wildfire. But that doesn't mean all schools don't require it. Even your dream college might require you to submit your test scores before they look at your application. If you do not, your application will gather dust or end up in the junk box.

#2. Enable colleges to measure academic readiness

It's a fact; colleges receive hundreds of applications every year. Some get thousands of applications from intending students. For example, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) received 108,877 applications for the 2020 fall entry. Because high schools offer different academic programs and grading systems usually vary, colleges often base decisions on standardized test scores as they place every applicant on a level playing field. Submitting your test scores also helps show admission officers that you're academically ready for college.

#3. Used in admission decisions

For schools that require it, test scores play a huge role in admission decisions. Some schools consider it very important, while some don't take it into consideration when reviewing applications.

If you intend to attend a school where test scores are required, you want to make sure you have a high test score so you'll meet and exceed their minimum test score requirement. And even in some test-optional schools, submission of test scores is highly encouraged, and more than 90% of students accepted usually submitted a test score.

Also, colleges want to see if your test scores correlate with your high school grades. Some use your scores to balance out areas where you fall short, as your scores can show you can withstand the rigors of college work.

#4. Qualification for scholarships

Beyond being part of the requirement for admission, test scores also play a huge role in getting scholarships. While some scholarships come with acceptance into schools and programs and others require you to put forward an extra application, a high test score can help you qualify for a substantial scholarship.

With an excellent test score, you may be able to get more than one scholarship, helping you pay part of your college tuition and lifting the burden of paying tuition off your parent's shoulders.

You want to put in enough effort in getting high test scores as they're crucial for college admission. With College Prep Tutors, you're not alone. We offer various programs to help you build the necessary skills, confidence, and knowledge to ace SAT or ACT, get accepted into your dream school with scholarship, and excel in college. Get started today!

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