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Does Your Child Have the 3 Cs?

There are three key qualities we look for at College Prep Tutors to determine the success of our clients in the college admissions game: is the student competitive, committed, and confident?

Does your child have these three qualities?

Competitive: competitive doesn’t have to mean ivy league bound. But it does mean that a student is constantly bringing their personal best to whatever endeavors they set themselves to. Does your child strive to take the highest level courses offered by their high school? Does your child seek to always do their best on quizzes, tests, and exams? Does your child have a hard time settling for second-best … might you even say that your child can be a “sore loser” sometimes? Then your child has a competitive nature.

Committed: a well executed colleges admissions journey is just that, a journey. I liken it to a marathon, not a sprint. Depending on when we start working with a client, the relationship spans over years, not months, and the process gets more intense as we approach senior year. For this reason, we need our clients to be committed. Does your child show up on time? Does your child regularly complete all of their homework, school work, essays, and other academic commitments independently without needing regular reminders or assistance? Does your child fulfill their obligations to their sports team, volunteer work, friendships, and job? Then your child is highly committed.

Confident: A little bit of insecurity is inherent in the college admissions process. For most young people, applying to college is the first time they have been judged by people they don’t know and will most likely never meet. It’s an unnerving process, no doubt. So, it’s quite natural that our clients don’t feel completely confident when we first start working with them. Having said that, our best clients have a clear sense of their value and what they have to offer a college community. They feel good about themselves, and they enthusiastically look forward to “doing good” in the world.

Now, having said all this, if your child is not naturally competitive, committed, and confident that does not mean that they cannot still experience great success in the college admissions process. In fact, with the right coaching and support, less assured students can transform through the very act of applying to college. The 4-Step Method created by Dr. Donna at College Prep Tutors has led hundreds of students to discover their hidden talents, interests and capabilities. Our students not only experience the satisfaction of getting into their dream schools, but they also come to understand themselves better, are able to define their goals, and take ownership over the application process. After all, applying to college is not only about he destination, but also about the journey.

Contact Dr. Donna Risolo today at for a free consultation on how College Prep Tutors can help your child have a successful college admissions journey.

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