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Starting College Admissions Early Puts Time On Your Side

Updated: Oct 2

Every once in a while, I get a phone call or email from a parent of a middle schoolers, who prefaces the conversation with an apology, not wanting to appear to be overly anxious or pushy.

To which I always reply, "I wish all of my clients were like you and started this process earlier!"

College admissions has become a complicated business, and with your child’s future and your money on the line, it is never too early to start to become an informed consumer in the college admissions marketplace.

Preparing for college admissions exams, going on college visits, building relationships with college admissions officers, filling out multiple applications, and writing dozens of essays all takes time: years, not months. Not to mention all of the time spent on other activities that your child is involved in throughout high school that will go into contributing to the personal differentiator that makes up their unique identity that they can leverage to get into the school of their choice.

And with the growing importance of the Passion Project for students who are applying to highly competitive colleges, starting early will put you at a very distinct advantage over those who make that phone call junior year. (More to come in a future post regarding the passion project.)

Time: it is a precious resource that you can give your child by starting the college admissions process early.

The most important benefit to starting the college admissions process early is the ease and confidence you create for your child come senior year, when they have been visiting colleges since freshmen year, preparing for all their college admissions tests by junior year, writting all their college admissions essays the summer BEFORE senior year, and sending off all their college applications early fall of their senior year. My clients who start early sail into senior year with ease and confidence, as the acceptance letters arrive by the holidays.

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Meet Dr. Donna in person. She will be presenting at The Weston Public Library on Oct 11 and Oct 18th. Click here for for more details.

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